General Rules

Raze prides itself on earning and maintaining a respectable presence on our connect realms.
It is our wish to be seen as the guild of choice and have the support of many behind us.
This can only be achieved by our members. It is important to behave in a respectable manner and to remember that you are representing the guild.

We expect all members to act in a respectable and professional manner. This means:

  • NO Begging / Trolling
  • NO Harassment or Discrimination
  • NO Deliberate interruption of others game play
  • NO Ninja Looting
  • NO Spamming

Various other points to consider:

  • Be polite when interacting with other players.
  • Help other guild members whenever possible.
  • Respect the Officers. They have been chosen as officers because of their dedication, helpfulness and willingness to support the guild.
  • Keep in mind that not everyone might be as experienced as you.
  • If signed up to guild events, please turn up on time, if you cannot make it please be considerate and let the organiser know in advance.
  • Players may raid with Other guilds or PUGs with characters not associated with a raid team.

Code: 5481
Revised 12/04/2018 (Steech#2932)