Guild roles

Guild Officers

Guild Council Steech, Mithy, Entrix, Geowrath, Ebinissia
Mythic Team Shamyssa, Arathana
Heroic Team Tootthie, Caralee, Vr, Ezekiel
Normal Team Rolexia, Nemmy, Lillyn

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Role Details - Officer Roles

Guild Council

  • Major decision making
  • Create and maintain structure through roles, rules and templates
  • Promote team working and communication

Raid Management

The Raid Management team are a subgroup within each officer team to manage raid specific roles. Ideally, the raid leader, raid co-ordinator and loot distribution roles should be covered by raid management. The healing assignment role should also be considered. Collectively they have the following responsibilities:

  • Have a full understanding of all boss mechanics and develop suitable tactics
  • Discipline Management
  • Deal with replacement, Standby Players & queries from raid members
  • Calling out mechanics & monitoring performance
  • Ensure all roles have been allocated and are being executed sufficiently


Updated 22/09/2018 (Ezekiel)