Mythic Alts Information

Updated 27-08-16 - Ebinissia

Please make sure your Alt is part of our sister guild Cry Havoc before the first raid.

This alt raid is only available to mythic and mythic progression team as it is a tool we are using to have more versatility within the main raid teams.

If anyone still wants to apply to this team, please speak with Mithy or Ebinissia and we can try to get you a spot.

This page is up-to-date with the latest Legion team information and a draft of our expected roster. 

Official Raid Start Date: 23 October 2016


Updated 27/08/16 - Khoric

General Team Information

Gear up a raid ready alt to use in the main team if needed. The ultimate goal would be realm second after Mythic 1.
Requirements: Players of the Alt team must have be a member of either Mythic Team 1 or Mythic Team 2. Your alt must be a member of our sister guild Cry Havoc.
Expectations: Players are expected to adhere to the standard guild raiding expectations and the team specific rules below. The team will begin with heroic content then move onto mythic. 

Raid Format: 20 Mythic.
Loot System: Need before Greed. Raid leaders can use a loot council if needed to reward players (for higher attendance for example)
Raiding Schedule: Sun 19:45-23:00 Server Time.
Attendance Requirement: 

Team Discussion (Members Only).

Updated 27/08/16 - Ebinissia
Team Specific Rules

Expected Attendance 

A notification of each planned absence must be posted under the ‘Vacation / Breaks’ section of the forums. If you are going to be late or unable to attend a raid, please use one of our many media outlets to inform the team leaders. 

Class Requirements
As part of the mythic team you will be expected to know your class inside-out, you will be expected to be able to play all specs. Be aware that this may include multiple roles. As a dps class you will be expected to play the top spec for each tier/boss fight (this does not necessarily mean the spec that looks best on the meters). If you are asked or required to play a different roles consumables may be available from the guild bank, subject to availability. Failure to keep up to date with the top specs may result in sitting out from the raid or removal from the team.

Loot system
General Priority:
- Main spec > Off spec
- Raiders > Guests
- Guests > Loot banned players

We will be using Need before Greed. Loot council may be used for:
- Prioritise set bonuses where appropriate
- Prioritise correct itemisation
- Reward players for higher attendance

Need - Major Upgrade
Greed - Minor Upgrade
DE - Off-spec

1 alt swap per tier

Raid Boss tactics
All players are required to read information they can find on the internet for each boss as well as looking on the team forums to discuss how we will be tackling each encounter. If you have any additional info on a fight please use the forum thread to share this information.

Additional Notes
These rules are subject to change and it is your responsibility to ensure that you are up to date with them. Only Raze Council members are able to change these rules and will do so after consultation with team management.

Updated 27/08/16 - Ebinissia
Team Roles

Name Out-of-raid Role In-raid Role Notes
Mithy Raid Management Raid Leader
Ebinissia Raid Management Loot Distribution 
*Further information about general and raid specific roles can be found here.


If you want to apply to this team, please speak with Mithy or Ebinissia.


Contact > Mythic team 1

General inquiries:
Shamyssa (hmtk#2236)
Steech (Steech#2932)

Other inquiries:
Recruitment - hmtk#2236
Comms - Steech#2932

For any non-Mythic Team 1
related inquiries or questions about the guild. please go to the contact page

Contact > Mythic team 2

Recruitment inquiries:
Medacus (Whitford64#2968)
Marrow (Marrowgarr#2735)

Other inquiries:
Comms - Attaroa#2363

For any non-Mythic Team 2
related inquiries or questions
about the guild. please go to
the contact page