Mythic Team 2 Information

Updated 03/06/17 - Medacus

New tier.

New officer structure.

New raid atmosphere

Mythic 2 team will be pushing hard and fast this tier. With the goal finishing with enough time to chill on a beach with a cocktail, before we invade Throne

Update 13/10/2017: 

Clearing Mythic farm on Wednesday nights, moving to progression after. HC ToS loot farm on Tuesday for those that want to join this optional raid night.

Normal and HC optional raids for those that wish to complete in thier own time.

Mainspec Artifact Level Requirements:

Mythic: 63 (in all specs you wish to play with)

as for above and byond that, those traits will come naturally, don't burn to grab them!


Normal: Highest Food/Flash/Pots/Tomes/Gems/Enchants
Heroic: Highest Food/Flash/Pots/Tomes/Gems/Enchants
Mythic Progression: Highest Food/Flash/Pots/Tomes/Gems/Enchants/Vantus Runes/Augment Runes
Mythic Farm: Highest Food/Flash/Pots/Tomes/Gems/Enchants/Vantus Runes (If called for)

Plan for Upcoming Weeks:

Wednesday: Mythic farm, Mythic progresion

Thursday: Mythic progression

Monday: Mythic progression

(This is subject to change, depending on progression blocks and gear requirements.)


Mythic team 1 and Mythic team 2 work quite closely together and players will have the opportunity to move between teams depending on skill and team requirements.

This will become more apperent in the farm runs as Normal and HC become second nature. Due to this close work we do together all Mythic 2 members will be treated with the same respect as RAZEs joint Mythic Team. This also means members need to reflect this respect with thorough preperation work and continuial improvement. 

The more work put into prep the quicker this tier will be complete and we can all have that rest we deserve.Just stay with it till then!!!

This page is up-to-date with the latest Legion team information and a draft of our expected roster. 

Current raid progress:

7/7 Mythic EN.
2/3 Mythic ToV.
8/10 Mythic NH.

5/9 Mythic ToS


Updated 06/06/16 - Khoric

General Team Information

Progress through Mythic content at a medium to fast pace appropriate to the skill level and learning curve of the team as a whole; aiming to clear the majority of content before the next tier.
Requirements: Previous mythic raiding experience is required and you must be able to perform at this level. We require a high skill level and a fast learning curve. Achieving endless 10 proving grounds in your role in less than 5 attempts should be an appropriate benchmark for this team.
Expectations: Players are expected to adhere to the standard guild raiding expectations and the team specific rules below. The team will begin with heroic content then move onto mythic. 

Raid Format: 20 Mythic.
Loot System: Council.
Raiding Schedule: Wed, Thur, Mon, 19:45-23:00 Server Time.
Attendance Requirement: 90%*

Team Discussion (Members Only).

Updated 29/08/16 - Ebinissia
Team Specific Rules

Expected Attendance 90%*

*This excludes last second emergencies and planned absences that officers have been made aware of. A notification of each planned absence must be posted under the ‘Vacation / Breaks’ section of the forums. If you are going to be late or unable to attend a raid, please use one of our many media outlets to inform the team leaders. Failure to keep to the attendance requirements will lead to loot bans and ultimately removal from the team.

Class Requirements
As part of the mythic team you will be expected to know your class inside-out, you will be expected to be able to play all specs. Be aware that this may include multiple roles. As a dps class you will be expected to play the top spec for each tier/boss fight (this does not necessarily mean the spec that looks best on the meters). If you are asked or required to play a different roles consumables may be available from the guild bank, subject to availability. Failure to keep up to date with the top specs may result in sitting out from the raid or removal from the team.

Loot system: RCLootCouncil. All teammemners should have this addon installed
General Priority:
- Main spec > Off spec
- Raiders > Trials
- Off-spec* > Trials
- Trials > Guests
- Guests > Loot banned players

We will be using Loot Council for all gear drops. Loot decisions will be based on:
- Biggest benefit to the raid as a whole
- Prioritise correct itemisation
- Prioritise set bonuses where appropriate

Need - Major Upgrade
Minor Upgrade - Minor Upgrade
Greed - Off-spec

In order to offer team flexibility, raid ready alts may be required. This is currently under discussion, more information to follow. 

Raid Boss tactics
All players are required to read information they can find on the internet for each boss as well as looking on the team forums to discuss how we will be tackling each encounter. If you have any additional info on a fight please use the forum thread to share this information.

Please contact your Raid Management team regarding promotion. More extensive information about movement between raiding teams has now been added to the general raiding rules linked above.

Additional Notes
These rules are subject to change and it is your responsibility to ensure that you are up to date with them. Only Raze Council members are able to change these rules and will do so after consultation with team management.

You will receive calendar invites for the raid. Accept these invites no later than 2 days before the raid day (e.g. raid is on Wednesday, you must have responded to the invite before Monday)

Updated 07/04/2017- Ebi
Team Roles

Name Out-of-raid Role In-raid Role Notes
Medacus Raid Management Raid Leader
Marrowgar Raid Management Co-leader
Nivvodk Recruitment
Los Administration/Comms
Eresos Healing Coordinator CD rotation / Healing Advise
Ebinissia Guild Council
*Further information about general and raid specific roles can be found here.


If you'd like to raid with us (including existing social members), you can apply here


Team progress
The Emerald Nightmare: 100%
Tomb of Sargeras: 56%
Antorus, the Burning Throne: 0%
Team recruitement
Havoc Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter
Balance Druid
Feral Druid
Arcane Mage
Fire Mage
Frost Mage
Retribution Paladin
Shadow Priest
Assassination Rogue
Subtlety Rogue
Elemental Shaman
Enhancement Shaman
Affliction Warlock
Demonology Warlock
Destruction Warlock
Arms Warrior
Fury Warrior
Contact info

Recruitment inquiries:
Medacus (Whitford64#2968)
Marrow (Marrowgarr#2735)

Other inquiries:
Comms - Attaroa#2363

For any non-Mythic Team 2
related inquiries or questions
about the guild. please go to
the contact page