Guild roles

General Officer Roles

Guild Leader: Steech
Guild Council: Mithy, Entrix, Geowrath, Ebinissia
Administration Officers: Shamyssa, Los, Itshal, Felony
Communication Officers: Steech, Ebinissia, Caralee
Recruitment Officers: Shamyssa, Nivvodk, Geowrath, Felony
Bank Manager(s): Tjaptjoy
Webmaster(s): Windsinger
Designer(s): Rasoreno, Xirthill
Social Officer(s): Los, Itshal, Ebinissia
Social Media Officer: Wartooth

*Contact information can be found here.

Raid Specific Officer Roles 

Allocations specific to each Raiding Team, please see the team information pages for specific roles:

Team Information Page Responsible Raid Management
Mythic Team 1 Mithy, Shamyssa
Mythic Team 2 Medacus, Marrowgarr, Eresos
Mythic Alts Coming soon!
Heroic Team Geowrath, Windsinger, Wartooth
Normal Team Lightshope, Felony, Sorivity, Entrix

*Contact information can be found by following the link and viewing the right panel.

Role Details - Officer Roles

Guild Leader 

  • Enforce Principles as a basis of decision making and leadership
  • Create and maintain structure through roles, rules and templates
  • Monitor and address Guild operation
  • Promote team working and communication
  • Re-iterate based on feedback

Guild Council 

  • Support the Guild Leader with major decision making
  • Council members require:
    • Guild membership for 2+ years
    • Officer experience for 1+ years
    • A high regard and passion for the Guild
  • Members can be rotated in as Guild Leader to cover absence
  • Attend Guild Meets

Administration officers 

An administration officer is allocated for each raiding team, their individual and shared responsibilities are to manage/update the following:

  • Google Drive
    • Roster & Attendance
    • Officer Contact Information
    • File/Folder Organisation
    • Permissions
  • Website
    • Team Information
    • Officer Contact Information
    • Progression
  • WoWProgress
    • Team Progression
    • Team Character Updates
  • Mumble
    • Infomation Panel
    • Channel Structure
    • Permissions
  • Officer Meetings
    • Organise suitable times based on availability
    • Event & Agenda 
    • Meeting Summary
    • Timekeeping
  • In-Game
    • Guild Information
    • Maintain Ranks

Communication Officers 

A communication officer is allocated to each raid team, their individual and shared responsibilities are to manage/moderate/update the following:

  • In-Game
    • Guild MotD
    • Guild chat moderation
    • Raid Events & Invites
  • Website
    • Team Information: Messages
    • Post News/Boss Kill Screenshots
    • Forum moderation
  • WhatsApp
    • Add/remove contacts to channels
    • Enforce rules & moderate
  • Facebook Group Moderation
  • Check Email

Recruitment Officers 

A guild wide recruitment officer is a general point of contact for any recruitment queries, they should:

  • Co-ordinate with raid management teams to maintain consistency
  • Be a first responder and point of contact on all applications
  • Direct applicants to the relevant raid management team
  • Maintain professional and friendly approach
  • Tailor approach/communication to applicants needs/requirements

Bank Manager(s) 

  • Maintain Stock Level
    • Flasks/Potions
    • Food/Runes
  • Buy Materials
  • Sell Unwanted stock
  • Generate income
  • Maintain information tabs


  • Website Administration
    • Users
    • Permissions
    • Pages
    • Modules
  • Website Usage
    • Support
    • Training
  • Custom develpment
  • Updates
  • Google Analytics Management
  • Website usage reporting
  • Optimisation


  • Create/Manage
    • Custom guild logos/banners
    • Twitch/Streaming templates
    • Individual streamer name tags
  • Expectations
    • Maintain consistency accross guild media
    • Create a modern/crisp/Professional style to represent the guild
    • Customise designs for specific applications

Social Officer(s) 

  • Create & maintain a friendly guild atmosphere
  • Get people involved! (Organise additional guild events to improve team working and morale, this should be both inside and outside WoW)
  • Identify any potential issues with guild members
  • Provide support if required

Social Media Officer 

  • Promote the Guild through social media platforms focussing on community
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
  • Manage guild social media pages
  • Maintain an active guild presence on social media

Role Details - Raid Specific Roles 

Raid Management

The Raid Management team are a sub group within each officer team to manage raid specific roles. Ideally, the raid leader, raid co-ordinator and loot distribution roles should be covered by raid management. The healing assignment role should also be considered. Collectively they have the following responsibilities:

  • Have a full understanding of all boss mechanics and develop suitable tactics
  • Discipline Management
  • Deal with replacement, Standby Players & queries from raid members
  • Calling out mechanics & monitoring performance
  • Ensure all roles have been allocated and are being executed sufficiently

The raid management team are also collectively responsible for dealing with recruitment and should:

  • Manage website recruitment modules and deal with applications
  • Maintain up-to-date recruitment templates and use them to recruit on appropriate platforms
  • Co-ordinate with the guild wide recruitment officer
  • Request voice chat when talking to applicants
  • Maintain professional and friendly approach
  • Tailor approach/communication to applicants needs/requirements
  • Provide a suitable and relevant introduction to the guild including:
    • Introduction to relevant raid management
    • Highlight key raiding requirements/expectations
    • Mumble & WhatsApp setup

Raid Leader 

Raid leaders work as part of the raid management team outside of the raid, and they will take main control during a raid. They have the following responsibilities:

  • Has the overall decision making power during raids
  • Should be direct and respond quickly
  • Promote effective team working and communication

Raid Co-ordinator

Raid co-ordinators support the raid leader in the raid environment and have the following responsibilities:

  • Maintain suitable pace
    • When discussing tactics/feedback
    • After wipes
    • During trash
  • Allocate roles in the raid team based on players strengths
    • Interrupts/Crowd Control
    • DPS/Tanking specific roles
    • Allocate groups/positions
    • Weak auras management

Loot Distribution

  • Distribute loot during raids
  • Responsible for loot related queries within/outside the raid
  • Have a general awareness of stat priorities for multiple classes

Healing Assignment

  • Determine CD rotations & allocate healing specific roles
  • Analyse damage taken and provide feedback to raid management
  • Promote the use of team specific healing channels
  • Consider/implement usage of any addons to support monitoring/displaying healing cooldowns & rotations.

Log Analysis

  • Record logs during raids
  • Brief log Analysis & Feedback during raids
  • Extensive log Analysis outside of raids


Correct as of patch 7.1.5
Revised 28/03/2017 (Frostbyte#2361)