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Raze is a European Tiered World of Warcraft Raiding Guild based on the Alonsus / Anachronos / Kul Tiras Connected Realms. 
We strive to provide a competitive, respectful and fun atmosphere for our members to enjoy World of Warcraft. 
Our aim is to provide a raiding environment suited for players of varying skills and expectations.

Sidenote: Illidan the better mage, Teleports whole planet :P

Medacus What an incredible pic! GZ everyone
Kivutar ♪♫♬ Argus in the skyyyyyy, with diamonds! ♪♫♬

Volvius Gratz, good job :)
Turox Congratz guys!

Look what we've done!

Turox Nice one!
Volvius Good job team!

Frostbyte Good work everyone, keep it up!

Duckvader Well done girls and boys except Simon ^^
Volvius Big gratz guys! Very well done!
Ahrixus Gratz team, a job well done. Now boost thy Lord D!
Realm Rank 1
Region Rank 222
World Rank 367
No live streamers.
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